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Need creativity?

We identify the BEST creatives depending on your needs,

They design your project in COLLABORATION to be more creative,

In direct interaction with YOU, for a better result.

You will love that we work for YOU.

Artilinki Agency can meet the needs of communication, marketing and events with an innovative service based on a community approach, collective intelligence and collaborative creativity.

We support our clients at every stage to deliver their projects “turnkey” and we support worldwide.


By the way, I forgot, we are NOT a communication agency or a website based on crowdsourcing because we believe that these models are less relevant. We are the creative community and the communications market was a real need to reinvent itself.

Be more creative

Our network of experts and our new method based on collective intelligence and collaborative creativity allow us to easily renovate any subject of communication or marketing. There is also a phenomenon of cross-fertilization. It’s easier for us to renovate a domain where we know the best practices in others. Our customers also appreciate that we are in strategic monitoring for them.

Guarantee the result

Our method has demonstrated better results than the others for several simple reasons. We put you in touch with the true creative who produced the books that we show you. You are interacting with them, they ask the right questions to better understand the DNA of the project and you walk together towards the best result. We identify the best resources, who possess the skills and will take great pleasure in realising your project. These influential people create an extremely favorable environment for your success and the success of your project. Thanks to our extensive network in the field, we provide you with key information on the market. Last but not least, we manage assistance in project management with a real pedagogical support, that you put in the best process to creativity.

Manage your budget

We focus on creative and creative industries right in line with your budget. If you do not have an idea of the budget to be allocated for a project, we can show you a sample of what is possible and how much it costs.
We are also able to provide information on the market as the key providers and market developments crossing weak signals.

Un besoin de créativité ?

+33 (0)9 80 64 74 91

(appel gratuit depuis la France)

laurier blanc

laurier blanc

Voted one of the 100 startups future.

Challenge Magazine / 2012

Voted one of the 50 most innovative French companies.

Magazine Comment ça marche / 2013




Our unique service.

We operate as an outsourced service to purchase your communication projects, marketing and events. We save you time on sourcing and bring you the right team capable of giving you the highest level of creativity in line with your budget. Finally, we fit the services to assure the relationship with providers.

Sourcing with high-added


Thanks to our constant exchange on the market with the Experts of our network and our knowledge of resources, we imagine for you the best solution for your need.

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Listening to the latest


The experts in our network to inform us of all the innovations, all the trends, new media, new uses …
They also help us to have a vision of market developments.

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 One unique interlocutor

We are your front door on creativity to meet all your needs. Also “unique” because we are the only ones able to offer this type of support. :)
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The playing field is global, so are we. Our network of ambassadors allows us a multicultural approach and anchoring ground. We are the best support for your international development and your local actions abroad.
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Quality and budget


We eliminate the middle men and put you in direct connection with the Experts who will complete your project. We also help you secure your budget by paying the true market price and by choose the right provider.
The choice of provider is now very strategic.
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Today’s world requires greater reactivities. Ask us why our customers consider us as magicians.

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How it works.


Listen to customer
& qualification need.


We spend time understanding who you are and what you need, without being limited by our in-house skills.


Collective intelligence
& collaborative creativity.


We identify the best resources that will design your project in collaboration.


Assist the work control
& commercial relationship.


We take care of your project until its delivery and beyond.

Take a sneak peek at the services our community can provide !

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Meet Our Team

New Team Member?

Join us!

You share our values , you put both feet in the new world and you are convinced that with the creative community we can retake control of the market? Join us!

Michael Fleury

CEO & Actor of the new world

I’m fascinated by creativity, people who carry projects and the agents of the new world.

Artilinki Ambassadors

They are Artilinki’s representatives worldwide. They develop their network – and so Artilinki’s – and they help us identifying talents. They organize Meet’Ups and they cover whatever event they want as our reporters.
Join our team of Ambassadors !

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Our model is focused on human, and the most beautiful stories begins with a meeting. Whether you are a client, a provider or more the creative type, contact us !


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